Employees of B-ADVANCEY and all of its associates adhere strictly to this "Code of Ethics" and associated Compliance Principles as published in manuals, procedures, and employment contracts.


  • The work of B-ADVANCY shall be professional, independent, and impartial.

  • Work by B-ADVANCY will be done honestly, with no influence allowed on deviations from approved methods and procedures or accurate results reporting.

  • B-ADVANCY will report all data, test results, and other material facts in good faith.

  • The findings, professional opinions, or results of any report or certificate issued by B-ADVANCY shall be accurately presented.


  • A business relationship in which the organization has a financial or commercial interest and which provides services shall not give rise to conflicts of interest.

  • There should be no conflicts of interest between companies or divisions that engage in different activities, but may be providing the same services to the same client.

  • Conflicts of interest with company activities should be avoided by employees.

  • Conflicts of interest must be avoided by all employees. A conflict of interest may include but is not limited to, ownership or involvement in outside interests that could adversely affect an employee's performance or the reputation of the company.


  • The information B-ADVANCE receives in the course of providing its services shall be treated as business confidential unless already published, generally available to third parties, or otherwise in the public domain.


  • We will not accept a reward, gift, or favor in exchange for, or depending on, the outcome of any work.

  • Customer-focused, the Company will not tolerate any violation of Ethics, Laws, or Company Policies in order to satisfy Customer needs, whether expressed or implied. Any attempt to subvert this policy is to be reported to management either through normal channels or the confidential facility.


  • All employees shall (a) conduct marketing (including comparisons with, or references to, competitors' services or third parties) in a manner that is truthful, not deceptive or misleading or likely to mislead, and consistent with applicable laws; (b) present itself in a fair manner; (c) provide accurate and unambiguous presentational information, including descriptions of B-ADVANCY's network and affiliations, resources employed, and services provided.

Employees who violate any of the above policies will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

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