B-ADVANCY Certification Limited (BCL) is committed to offering Management System Certification and Auditing Services to the highest standard to all organizations without any discrimination, by delivering competent, consistent, impartial, and value-added conformity assessments.  

We wish to achieve our aims as a major international accredited certification body and recognize that effective management of our customers, our staff, our certification / Auditing process, and our business results makes good business sense.  

We want to achieve this by: - 

  • Offering Certification and Auditing services in accordance with ISO 17021-1:2015 that is fair, impartial and objective to all who wish to avail themselves of our service. 
  • Providing our customers with a professional service that is perceived to add value to their business and satisfy their expectations. 
  • Practicing sound certification and Auditing principles through competent staff. 
  • Developing an open exchange of information with organizations and the public on the certification and Auditing services that we offer. 
  • Practicing sound business principles to manage the certification & Auditing body and give a return on our shareholder’s investment. 
  • Communicating this policy to our staff, customers and interested parties. 
  • Continual improvement in building capacity for meeting changing needs of certifications. 
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